Year 3 Ragged School Museum Trip

Year 3 visited The Ragged School Museum in Mile End as part of our topic on Victorians. We experienced a Victorian lesson by a strict Victorian teacher and saw how a poor Victorian home looked.

Greenpower car build weeks 4 and 5

We have been busy finishing building the main part of the car chassis. The chassis is the main structure or frame of the car that gives the vehicle its strength.

The most difficult part of this is making sure we use all the correct nuts, bolts and washers in the right places. We are having to learn how to use all the different tools such as spanners and socket sets.

Some of us have been thinking about what the car should look like, such as the colour and materials for the car bodywork. Here are a few ideas we have come up with.

Aayush made this model for a car design in Google Sketchup

Darlena created this car design using Paint3D

This week we started to assemble and install the steering system for our car.  We are all very proud of what we have achieved so far and have learned loads of new things.

Mayor of London’s Christmas Card Competition 2018

Calling all London school children aged 5 to 14 to take part in a competition to design Mayor Sadiq Khan’s official Christmas card and win a £100 voucher.  Find out more here.

The deadline is Friday 9 November 2018.

Last year’s winning design by Ava from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Isleworth.

Greenpower car build – week 3

Blog post from Darlena

This week during our Greenpower racing team meeting, Mr Sambrook asked us to organised ourselves into groups. Each group has a different responsibility. Darlena and Minuri are in charge of all the small nuts and bolts that we need to build the car. If you need one of these they will give you the correct one.

Another group is responsible for organising the larger parts we use to assemble the car, and Zain is in charge of our tools.

We have now started bolting together the car chassis. The chassis is the framework or base for the car.


We have started to learn all about how to use our tools such as the correct spanners and the socket set.

Goblin Car Build – Week 2

We held our second team meeting before the half term. Our main task was to make sure all the parts we need to build the car were in the various packing boxes we received from Greenpower.

We counted hundreds of nuts, bolts, screws and washers that will be needed, and then organised them in compartments inside this box so we can find everything easily during our build.

We also counted all the much larger pieces of the car such as the chassis and frame, seat parts and other pieces we will use for steering and powering the vehicle. So many parts, and we found them all.

Our local paper – the Ilford Recorder – carried a story about our project, and reminded everyone to vote in support of our bid for funding in their local Tesco stores until the end of October.

We are all looking forward to our next meeting when we will start building our car and learning how to use all our tools.

South Park Greenpower Racing Team

The South Park Formula Goblin racing team held our first meeting after school today. We decided on our club rules and how we planned to build the car. We thought about the safety issues we might have using the tools and big car batteries. The children explored what was in the large packing boxes containing all the parts we need. They looked at the motor, brakes, some electrical components and a rather cool car key to turn the power on and off. We can’t wait to get constructing!

Thank you for your generous Harvest Festival Donations

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the families, who have contributed so generously this year for our school Harvest festival.

All your donations have been taken to the Welcome Centre in Ilford, to be distributed to those in need.

We really appreciate your continued efforts in supporting our wider school community.