Reading At Home

During the Summer Term of 2018, the Reading Recovery teachers Mrs Jay and Mrs Calver worked with some parents of Reception and Year 1 children, to support them in helping their child to read at home.

There were 4 sessions during which we shared information about the reading skills that children need to become better readers and taught the parents how they could support their child in developing these skills.  At the end of each session, parents had an opportunity to read with their child. 

All the parents who attended the sessions thoroughly enjoyed learning more about reading and how they could help their child with reading at home.

In the final session, all the parents received a certificate which was presented by the Headteacher Mrs Keigwin.

Here are some comments from those parents:

“I really enjoyed the sessions.”

“I found it very useful.”

“Developing ways to reinforce positivity during reading and learning how to use pictures to work out harder words was very useful.”

“My child loved reading with his mum in school.”

We hope to be holding more reading sessions next year for Reception and Year 1 parents, so look out for the posters if you are interested.