Year 5 trip to Re:Code London

Our Year 5 children enjoyed their trip to visit the Re:Code workshop, where they created and programmed robotic animals from Lego WeDo kits. We also all learned more about the environmental issues affecting humans and wildlife in London.

New Artist Appreciation Week website

We are pleased to announce that the new Artist Appreciation week website is now live and can be accessed here.

In December, children from every class learned about a different artist and created some wonderful art that is now proudly on display around the school.

We would like to thank Miss Murray-Mower for all her help and enthusiasm in coordinating Artist Appreciation Week, and generally making it such a success. We are all going to miss you.

Year 2 Lion produced this artwork in the style of Takashi Murakami

Greenpower car build – weeks 18-23

During the past few weeks we have been busy designing the bodywork for our car and preparing some interesting finishing touches such as installing a camera and some special lights!!

We have also been working on planning and creating a lovely portfolio that records the whole journey we have made, from unpacking the pieces of the car until it was finally built. It will include lots of pictures and examples of our initial planning to illustrate the story of our project.

The team have now begun to test the car and are learning how to drive it safely.

We started by driving with no battery power – a team member had to push! This is so we can learn how to control the car safely without crashing and injuring ourselves.

We are improving our driving skills and keeping fit at the same time.

Choir concert at Seven Kings station

On Friday, our wonderful school choir performed three fantastic songs at a special ceremony for the opening of the new lifts at Seven Kings tube station. Watch and be amazed!

Rewrite the Stars
A Million Dreams

Easter bonnet parade

Our fantastic children designed and created some beautiful Easter bonnets that they paraded in the playground on the last day of spring term. We wish everyone a happy Easter holiday.

Neptune Class Assembly

Neptune class performed a wonderful assembly today about endangered animals and why we need to save our planet. The children all memorised their words perfectly, singing songs and dancing beautifully.

Healthy Eating Competition Poster Winners

This competition was run to raise awareness for children who are bringing in packed lunches. We became aware that children who were bringing in packed lunches did not always have healthy food in them. The competition was devised to inform all children  about  making healthy choices about what they eat.

The criteria for the competition was for the children to research what a healthy and balanced diet should include. Also, to use their research to help them design a poster and promote healthy eating throughout the school for all children.

These particular entries won because children included ingredients from all the different food groups to create a nutritious and a balanced diet. Also the winning posters were designed in a very eye catching way which will inform children across the school to make healthy changes to their diet.

Heathy packed lunch poster winners

Year 1:

Mariam – Emerald class

Reet – Emerald class

Manngam – Sapphire class

Jawad – Sapphire class

Year 2

Maz – Tiger class

Aryan – Tiger class

Muhammad Jaguar class

Samerpreet – Jaguar class


Sabah – Beech class

Umaymah – Beech class

Japjit – Beech Class

Hafsha – Willow class

Kamillah – Willow class

Year 4

Sumaya – Saturn Class

Kyrell – Saturn class

Year 5

Dua – Nile class

Greenpower car build – weeks 12-17

The team have been busy completing installation of the final mechanical and electrical components on our car.

The motor is now installed and the wiring is complete, so we put the batteries on charge and tested the car for the first time on our build bench. We raised the cars drive wheels and completed our safety checks before turning on the electricity using the safety key. The LED on our rocker switch glowed red and then we pressed the red accelerator button on the steering wheel.

IT WORKED – the motor rumbled into life and the wheels turned – success!

We spent the last few weeks planning and starting to create the car bodywork. We are recycling the cardboard packaging that the car kit arrived in for the stiff side and front panels. We have been painting them with PVA glue to make them waterproof.

We have a surprise up our sleeves for the final design of the bodywork.

Our helmet and overalls have also arrived for us to try on. We look like real racing drivers when we wear them.

Some of our team have made a special electrical rig to condition our batteries so they keep the best charge they can. We had to wire up some light bulbs in series and create a circuit that we could use to partially discharge our car batteries before charging them again.

Our other big task is to make a portfolio to record the progress of our car build. This will contain all our plans, photographs, drawings and the story of our project. It will be judged at the race events and have points awarded to the team with the best portfolio.

Finally – we have entered our first official Greenpower race to take place on Saturday 6th July at Ford Dunton Technical Centre near Basildon in Essex. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer us on.