Greenpower car build week 11

This week the South Park Green Goblin racing team have been working extremely hard continuing constructing the car. We welcomed our new team member Amiir, who has replaced one of our members that left for another school.

Today we are working on wiring and finishing off the motor cage. The boys split into two teams. One team is in charge of the motor cage whilst the others are helping sir with wiring the rocker switch that turns the power on and off.

The teams then worked together and placed the car on its side. Then they connected the push button – also known as the ACCELERATOR! Some of the equipment we used this week included a size 10 socket wrench and a screwdriver.

At the end of the session, all of us helped tidy up and place the car back on the table how we found it.

Darlena and Safa.

Greenpower car build weeks 9 & 10

Our Greenpower teams have been back to work after our Christmas break.  We have finally put all four wheels on the car and can sit in the car to try it for size.  The team have been testing the steering and brake systems. The steering was a bit stiff so needed some oil and adjustments.  The children have also been assembling the motor cage and wiring up all the electrical components needed to make the car work.


Thanks to Safa for the wonderful photographs.


Greenpower car build week 8

We finally got to attach the rear axle to the car after Mr Sambrook’s mishap last week with the wheel bearings. A special thanks to George the caretaker for helping us out.

It was quite complicated because the rear axle is where the power is delivered to drive our car.

The drive belt fits around a pulley and leads to the motor.

The wheels will be fitted to the end of the rear axle soon. First we will have to assemble the all important braking system.

Year 3 tree planting in the park

South Park Year 3 classes visited Knox fields on Tuesday this week.

Prior to our visit, we made masks and hats which were decorated with autumn leaves.

We each helped to plant a May tree by adding soil around the base of it.

On sports day in July, we will get to see how much the tree has grown!

Greenpower car build week 7

This week we worked on preparing the mounts for the rear axle. We bolted on the parts that will allow us to fix the rear wheels to the chassis.

We started to assemble the toothed drive pulley that will send power to the rear wheels. It uses a rubber toothed drive belt to transfer the rotation of the motor to power the wheels.

We also assembled the car seat from various parts. We needed 34 allen bolts and nuts together with 68 small washers. It was a very fiddly job as you can see.

We are making sure we are recording our progress every week.

Thank you Tesco shoppers!

We are delighted to announce that South Park Primary School has bagged second place in the Tesco Bags of Help community grant scheme. This means we will receive £2000 to help fund our Greenpower electric car project well into the future.

Thank you so much to all the parents and friends who voted in store to support our children taking part in this exciting experience. We couldn’t do this without you!